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35th GST council Decisions

5 Important decisions taken in 35th GST council meeting

By Agam Gupta June 26, 2019

6% presumptive taxation scheme, single GST return, GST Annual return date extended, Extension to file form GST ITC – 04, e-invoicing system introduction

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GST Registration of branches in seperate states

No separate GST registration for multiple branches in different states: AAR Ruling

By Agam Gupta June 24, 2019

AAR has ruled that no separate GST registration shall be required even in case godowns are situated in different states.

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Company Closure strike off rules

Company closure may cost you in lakh – MCA amended the Company strike off rules

By Agam Gupta June 21, 2019

As per New MCA closure rules, the government fees of closure will be Rs. 10000 and all due filings of company shall be required to be filed before closure.

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GSTR 9 Due date extended

GSTR 9, 9A, 9C - Due Date Extended – Annual return for GST for the F.Y 2017-18

By Agam Gupta June 21, 2019

The due date for filing returns in form GSTR 9, GSTR 9A and reconciliation statement in FORM GSTR 9C extended to 31st August 2019.

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Income tax on interest income

Earning Interest income? Increase your earning by 10% by filing ITR this year

By Agam Gupta June 19, 2019

We have found one issue which has cost 10% of their total interest income to each and every person while filing the Income Tax Return.

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ways to save income tax

9 Ways to Save Income Tax for FY 2018-19

By Agam Gupta June 18, 2019

This article will be a blessing in disguise for you because it will help you to minimize your taxation liability, by easily understanding the complex laws in simple possible manner.

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convert Nidhi company into NBFC

How to convert Nidhi Company into NBFC ?

By Agam Gupta June 15, 2019

Whether Nidhi Company can be converted into a full fledge NBFC? The answer is no. Nidhi Company cannot be converted into a Non-Banking Financial Company, because it is neither feasible nor legally tenable.

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gst on workbooks

No GST on workbooks for students: Delhi High Court overrules AAR

By Agam Gupta June 14, 2019

Delhi High Court has overruled the advance ruling by stating that work book will be treated at par with the text book and hence, exempt from GST

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auditor certificate dpt3

Format of Auditor’s Certificate in form DPT – 3

By Agam Gupta June 12, 2019

Auditor’s certificate for the form DPT – 3, then you are at the right place. Download the form and edit it as per your requirements.

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