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cash repayment of loan

Cash Payment Limit - Repayment of Loan Installment in cash

By Kanika Sharma November 15, 2018

Government with an intention to curb black money by reducing the scope of large size cash transactions in the economy or to promote digital economy introduced Section 269ST of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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reverse charge under gst

Reverse Charge Under GST - When & to Whom Applicable

By Kanika Sharma November 14, 2018

Under reverse charge mechanism in gst, the ‘Receiver’ of goods or services becomes liable to pay the tax to Government and the provider of goods.

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tds rates chart

TDS Rates Chart for FY 2018-19 and AY 2019-20

By Kanika Sharma November 11, 2018

TDS Rates chart for FY 2018-19 and AY 2019-20. Check out the TDS rates applicable to Residents and Non-Residents.

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Due date Roc Annual Filing Extended

Due Date of Filing ROC Annual Return Extended for FY 2017-18

By Kanika Sharma November 9, 2018

MCA has extended the due date of filing annual returns including AOC-4 And MGT-7 for FY 17- 18 & provides relaxation of additional fees wherever applicable which is Rs. 100 Per Day.

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Audit under GST

GST Audit - Procedure & Requirements for Audit under GST

By Kanika Sharma October 26, 2018

GST Annual Return (GSTR-9) and GST Audit (GSTR-9C) compliance forms in September which are due for submission on 31st December, 2018.

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All about TDS

All About TDS - Tax Deducted at source - Deduction, Payment and Return filing

By Kanika Sharma October 18, 2018

TDS has been introduced by the Government to ensure that tax has been collected from the very source of income i.e., from the person who is making payment to another person.

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gst return due date

GST Return Due Date for 2018

By Kanika Sharma October 17, 2018

The date for GSTR-3B has been extended only for newly migrated taxpayers for months July’17 to November’18 till 31st December,2018.

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Refund under GST

GST Refund - Process and Grounds to claim GST Refund and ITC

By Kanika Sharma October 15, 2018

GST Refund claim & sanctioning procedure will be completely online and time bound and is not like the previous procedures which are time consuming and cumbersome.

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Due Date Extended Tax Audit Report ITR

Due Date Extended - Tax Audit Report and Income Tax Report to 31st October'18

By Kanika Sharma October 9, 2018

CBDT has extended the due date for filing Income Tax return (ITR) and Tax Audit Report (TAR) for Financial Year 2017-2018 (Assessment Year 2018-2019) to 31st October, 2018.

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