One Person Company Registration - Rs. 11,000

Q. How to Select Name for One Person Company (OPC)? Is their anyone person Company (OPC) name format?

Paras Mehra February 9, 2017 17.4K Views

The company name selection should be done on the basis of company name structure. The Company name should start with your brand name e.g Hubco is our brand name (Trademark filed). Likewise, in case of TATA steel limited, TATA is the brand name.

The second part of the Company name denotes its objective. Like in case of TATA Steel Limited, steel denotes its steel business. The last part of the Company name ends up with (OPC) Private Limited. No company can be registered without having (OPC) Private Limited or limited at the end.

The basic structure for your reference is as follows:

First Name Objective (OPC)Private Limited

This could be anything, like your surname, your brand name, like TATA in case of TATA Steel Limited

Objective denotes your business activity, like steel in case of TATA Steel Limited.

A One Person Company (OPC) always end with these words and are mandatory by law.

Important Point: The new company name should not match the existing company or any existing trademark in India. Search for existing trademark or existing Companies in India



One Person Company Registration Rs.11,000 (All Inc.)

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