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Everything about the Constitutional Amendment under GST regime – A Complete Guide
Paras Mehra January 19, 2017
We all had witnessed the political drama over every piece of GST constitutional amendment bill over the years. Government was very keen to get it passed in both the houses, while the opposition is taking the guard to prevent it from getting the nod.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on SPICe Forms for Company Registration in India
Paras Mehra January 18, 2017
This article gives you the information about the new company registration form known as SPICe form, and help you in getting all the answers related to Spice form filing.
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Who is liable to pay GST? Who is a taxpayer under GST?
Paras Mehra January 16, 2017
This is perhaps a very important question that everybody asks for. Is I am liable to pay GST? and if yes, then when? When did I am liable to pay the GST? What is the basic exemption limit under GST?
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Who is NOT liable to register under GST? – Non Applicability of GST
Paras Mehra January 14, 2017
This article explains the important part of GST which lays down that who is NOT required to get register under GST. As a simple rule, if you are supplying goods and services within a state of more than 20 Lakh in a financial year, then you are liable.
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Basic exemption limit for small dealers/suppliers under GST in India
Paras Mehra January 14, 2017
Exemption limit in Goods and Services Tax (GST) have two basic exemption limits which are as follows 10 lakhs for North Eastern States and 20 lakhs for rest of India.
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What is Nidhi Status and How to apply for Nidhi Company Status? – Myth or reality
Paras Mehra January 13, 2017
Now, with the advent of Companies Act, 2013 companies does not require any Nidhi status, and they are straight away approved with as a Nidhi status subject to rules and regulations as may be prescribed.
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Can Nidhi Company give loan to its directors?
Paras Mehra January 13, 2017
Yes, Nidhi Company can give a loan to its directors, or his relative in their capacity as members and such transaction is disclosed in the annual accounts by a note.
Membership Form of Nidhi Company – Download
Paras Mehra January 12, 2017
The membership form of Nidhi Company is everyone’s need and believe it or not, no one gets it right
Meaning and Features of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India
Paras Mehra January 11, 2017
Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been introduced with an only motive to accelerate the economic growth. It is expected that GDP growth will increase by 2% after introduction of GST.