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What is GST.HUBCO?

GST.HUBCO is a monthly magazine of, a premier website for Goods and Services tax (GST) in India. It is drafted by the experts in this region to help common man, professionals, students, corporates etc to decode this highly technical law.

What all it includes?

GST.Hubco is drafted by the panel of experts and hence promise the esteemed and the most reliable content on this subject. It includes;

  • Important updates with insights during the month.
  • 3 Topics in every journal with in depth analysis and examples.
  • Explanation of provisions using high quality diagrams.
  • Quiz and brain games in every journal to enchance your analytical skills.
  • Contributory articles from the community.
  • Explanation for ground procedures.
  • Makes you eligible to raise queries directly to the experts.

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Free for first 1000 Subscribers, after that Rs.999 per year.

What you get in Subscription?

In paid version, you shall have access to video, articles, 12 GST.HUBCO Magazine, Important past case laws which shall be applicable under GST regime as well, phone number of our expert for direct calling.

Why you should subscribe?

If you are serious about learning the GST, then you are at the right place. is fully committed in decoding this highly technical law. We make you learn the GST in a most efficient manner. In case you have any queries, email us at

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A Special Feature

If we find your guest column off high quality, we shall publish that in our journal and print your photo on our cover page which shall be distributed amoung thousand of people over the net.


Special Edition

The above subscription include special edition issued from time to time.

Introduction to GST at a macro level.

Download the latest introductory edition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to learn the real meaning of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

What's included?

It contains immense knowledge on GST introduction, glimpse is as follows;

  • Meaning and Rise of GST
  • Impact on common man
  • Need for GST in India
  • GST impact on inflation
  • Analysis on GST tax rates
  • Features, Dual GST, demerits and many more

Free for first 1000 subscibers, then Rs.150 per printed edition.

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