Registration Cum Membership Certificate

Get your RCMC Online anywhere in India
Rs. 4,000 + Governemnt Fees (As Actual)
Relax min
Hubco helps you in getting your RCMC online very easily & without troubling you
Online min
Fully Online & Automated Process
Bribe min
No need to visit tax consultant office or bribe anybody
  • RCMC is needed to export products outside India

  • Mandatory for Exporters, to avail all export Benefits

  • Online Authentication by Governemnt website

Simple Pricing Includes

Iec min

RCM Certificate

Timer min

Get your RCMC in 13 - 17 working days

Rs. 4,000 + Governemnt Fees (As Actual)

Documents Required for RCMC

Dsc min

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Iec min

Import Export Certificate (IEC)

Feature of RCMC

Bank min
Easy to get Export benefits & Incentives
Electronic online min
RCMC Registration is fully electronic & online process
Legal protection min
Get official registration from Government as an exporter

Process of RCMC Registration

DAY 1 : We will verify Documents sent by you & we will let you know about the descrepencies if any.
2 - 4 Working Days to prepare application to be applied to export promotion council.
5 - 17 Working Days taken by Department to process application and finally issue of RCMC certificate.

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