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Producer Company Registration

Do you want to start a business of agricultural production, export and trading of primary production in India? Then you are at right stage because Producer Company is the most easy and affordable way to start loan business in India. It only requires 10 persons with easy documents requirement to start the Producer Company. The minimum capital requirement for Producer Company registration is Rs. 5 lakh.

Producer Company can only do business of production, procurement, harvesting, grading, poolong, marketing, trading of the primary produce with the help pf its members and financing them for these activities which includes extending credit facilities also. It cannot deal with the public directly and can only work with its members. However, one can easily make members under Producer Company with few documents and easy process.Also, Producer Company Registration is the only form of company available to start the loan company in India without RBI approval.

Producer Company is hybrid of Company and Co-operative Society. It combines the goodness of a co-operative enterprise and vibrancy and efficiency of a company and accommodates the unique elements of cooperative business with a regulatory framework similar to that of a company.

Also, is specialized company for registering and managing Producer Company in India and manages hundreds of companies across India. We have a top consulting company for starting and managing business in India.

What is Producer Company - Key features

To understand the meaning of Producer Company in a best possible way, is to understand through its features. Producer Company is basically a production company which create pool of small producers who will become its members and the company trade with them, help them financially, take help from them and promoting techniques of mutuality and mutual assistance.

Documents Required for Producer Company Registration

PAN & Photo

PAN & photo are required for each & every director & shareholder in India.

ID Proof

Anyone of the following: Aadhar card, voter ID, Driving license & passport.

Address Proof

Anyone of the following: Bank statement, Mobile bill, Electricity bill, Landline bill.

Producer Proof

Khasra - Khatuni/ ITR with Agriculture Income/ Sarpanch letter/ Any other proof that can provide person as producer

*Only scan copy of all documents are required. Hard copy are required only from Non Resident Indians (NRI) or Foreign nationals.

For Registered Office : Utility Bill + Rent Agreement + NOC from Owner

Cost and time for Producer Company registration

Generally, it takes 10 to 15 days to register a Producer Company and its cost Rs. 30,500/- (inclusive of all taxes and fees). The complete cost breakup of Producer Company registration is as follows;.

Items Qty Price
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) 10 5,000
Director Identification Number (DIN) 3 Nil
Name Approval 1 1,000
MOA, AOA and Incorporation Fee - Nil
Stamp Duty of the Respective State* - 1,500
PAN and Tan Application - 200
INC 22 - 300
CA Certification - 1,500
Professional Fee - 9,745
Goods and Service Tax (GST) - 1,755
Company Registration Cost in India 30,500

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Producer Company Registration Process

Producer Company Registration process is the simple but will require a professional to complete the same. Further, the procedure has been changed completely by the government to promote ease of doing business. However, instead, government ends up making the process a little complexed. However, is specialized in Producer Company Registration with a experience of more than 200 Producer Company registration and managing hundreds of Producer Company across India. Know all 6 steps in Producer Company Registration.

Loan & Deposit under Producer Company

Producer Company is becoming so much popular among the business man who wants to production business and wants to promote small producers by financing them. The main reason behind this fact is the advantage of Producer Company to accept deposit from members and to lend money to members without any RBI approval. Let us understand brief about the loan and deposit under Producer Company.

Loan under Producer Company

  • Producer company can provide credit facility to any member, in connection with the business of the producer company, for a period not exceeding 6 months.
  • Producer company can provide loans and advances against security specified in articles to any member, repayable with a period exceeding 3 month < 7 years.

Deposits under Producer Company

  • Producer can accept 2 types of deposits; Fixed deposit (FD) and recurring deposit (RD).

Producer Company Software

India’s No 1 Producer Company Software with a mix of amazing blend of modern technology with fine grift of technical knowledge.

The only Producer software to generate and manage share transfer and which is exclusively built for starting and managing Producer Companies in India.

The original price of the software is kept at Rs.60,000/- however, a promotional price is being offered for the software at just Rs. 35,400/- (All Inclusive).

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Compliances after Producer Company Registration

There are basically two pillars to the compliances of Producer Company in India and all the reporting revolves around it. Here are 2 pillars to the Producer Company compliances explained briefly.

Internal Audit under Producer Company

An internal audit of the producer company will be carried out at regular intervals by a CA, CS, CMA or Advocate in accordance with the AOA.

Annual Report by Auditor

NDH - 3 is an half yearly return filed in order to check whether the Producer company is working as per the rules or not. This return is to be filed by 30th September and 31st March each year.

Other Compliances

There are various other compliances which are prescribed under various act’s like Companies Act, Income tax act, Money Laundering etc.

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Comparison in Producer, Nidhi & Society

Producer Company
Nidhi Company
Society Registration
Minimum capital
Rs.5 Lakh/-
Rs.5 Lakh/-
Differs state to state
Person Required
10 Person
7 Person
15 or more person
RBI Approval
Not Required
Not Required
Not applicable
Area of operation
State level
District level
Applicable district
Registration Time & Cost
Rs. 30,500/- & 15 days
Rs. 15,000 & 15 days
15 to 20,000 & 1 to 3 months
Producers & Farmers
Held by shareholders
Decided by elections
Ideal for
If you are a beginner
Moderate Experience

Register Producer Company in India