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Trademark Registration In India

Know what is a trademark? and how it is registered?

What is a Trademark?

A Trademark is something which denotes your brand, your company.It is a unique mark or a word which ultimately becomes the identity of your company. E.g. PAYTM, Coke, Pepsi, Reliance, there are all examples of the famous brands.

How to register Trademark in India?

Trademark registration in India is a long process and almost takes 8 to 10 months to get registered. However, you can use TM after trademark filing.which is filed in a day by us. Here are three basic steps:

# Search the trademark: The first step is to search the trademark as per the appropriate checks in a particular class. There are 45 classes and each reflect some different business. Therefore, searching the trademark availability in a particular class is the first step.

# Prepare application & File: Once trademark is checked properly, the next step is to prepare the trademark application and then file the same to the department. Once filed, you can use the TM on your logo, brand or word.

# Proper follow up: After trademark filing, you should keep a proper follow check on the trademark so that your trademark does not become abundant.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Only three documents are required

  • TM Requisition Form
  • Power of Attorney
  • Declaration for Use of TM

Get Trademark form’s Format

Trademark Registration Process India

It takes approx 2 years to register for Trademarks, however you can use TM in a day.

# Day 1 - TM Application Filing: We prepare and file TM application usually within a day.

# 1-12 months - TM Examination: Government will verify your TM application and it takes time.

# Year 2 - TM Registration: Once your objection is clear government will register your Trademark.

Time & Cost for Trademark Registration

Total Cost Breakup for Individual

Items Price
Government Fee (Individuals) 4,500
Affidavit Cost 100
TM Attorney Fee 500
Professional Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) 899
Total Trademark Registration Cost for Individual 5,999

Total Cost Breakup for Company

Items Price
Government Fee (Companies) 9,000
Affidavit Cost 100
TM Attorney Fee 500
Professional Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) 1,400
Total Trademark Registration Cost for Company 11,000

How to check Trademark Status online?

If you have filed trademark, then it is very important that you should keep tracking your filed trademark application and you can it very easily. Just follow simple steps:

  • Visit IP India
  • Click on Trademark mark indexes.
  • Then select pending marks in “index types”.
  • Write your trademark in search column and select the relevant class.
  • Fill the captcha code.
  • Click on search and your trademark will be on screen.

Types of Trademark Status - Action and Response

Here are different types of trademark status or different stages of Trademark application. You should know the meaning of all these status and the appropriate response so that you can file timely response and save your trademark from rejection.

New min
Status: New Application

This is the first stage of Trademark application.

Status min
Status: Send to Vienna Codification

For non text trademark, Vienna codification is alloted as per the international norms.

Formality min
Status: Formality Check pass

It indicates that filing requirements of TM filing has been complied and now, it is ready for further action.

New min
Status: Marked for exam

It indicates that TM examiner has taken up your trademark for examination.

Objection min
Status: TM Objected

It indicates that your trademark has failed the examination and is resembling with existing marks.

Report issue min
Status: Exam report issued

It indicates that examination has been done from department now check the report for further actions.

Refused min
Status: Refused

This means that you failed to filed a proper reply to the objection raised hence, TM abandoned.

Volume up min
Status: Adv. before accepted

It means trademark has been published in th journal and if no opposition is filed, then TM shall be accepted.

Opposed min
Status: Opposed

It indicates that some third party has filed opposition to your trademark brand, there you should file reply.

Refused min
Status: Abandoned

The trademark applicant has failed to respond to the trademark registrar.

New min
Status: Withdrawn

It indicates that trademark application has been withdrawn by the applicant before registration.

Register min
Status: Registered

It indicates that trademark has been successfully registered and now it is valid for 10 years.

What all can be Trademarked - The Most Common

There can be numerous things which can be trademarked like logo, word, sound, shape, device, color etc. However,here are the most common type of things which can be applied as a trademark.

Bmw min

This is most common type of trademark.

Subway min

With word protection none can use your word.

Cadbury min

Color reflects your brand, hence, TM is important.

Nokia min

Remember the Nokia tune, it is a trademark.

Nike min

With word protection none can use your word.

Perk min

You can trademark shape and design.

Trademark - 45 Different Classes

There are in total 45 classes out of which 34 belongs to goods and 11 belongs to services. Here are some most common classes used by people applying for trademark.

New min
Class 7: Machine and Machine tools

Motors and engines, Machine coupling and transmission components, Agricultural implements other than hand-operated.

Status min
Class 9: Apparatus and instruments

It is a very big list and contains varieties of things like computer software, fire extinguisher, machines etc.

Formality min
Class 5: Pharmaceuticals, medical preparations

Sanitary preparations for medical purposes; Dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use.

Exam min
Class 15: Musical instruments

There are varieties of musical instruments all of these falls under this class.

Objection min
Class 16: Paper and cardboard

Book binding material; Photographs; Stationery and office requisites Paintbrushes; Instructional and teaching materials.

Report issue min
Class 19: Building material

Building materials [non-metallic]; Non-metallic rigid pipes for building; Asphalt, pitch and bitumen; transportable buildings.

Refused min
Class 25: Garments

Clothing, footwear, headgear

Volume up min
Class 35: Advertisement

Advertising; Business management; Business administration; Office functions.

Opposed min
Class 36: Financial Matters

Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs.

Refused min
Class 42: Technology

Scientific and Technology services, research and design relating there to.

New min
Class 45: Legal Services

Legal services ; Security services, Social services etc.

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Meaning of Trademark Objection and Opposition

Trademark Objection

When TM department finds any contravention of TM laws, then he issues trademark objection.

A proper reply is required to be filed to avoid application rejection.

Trademark objection can be avoided if trademark is properly searched before filing the application. This will save a lot of time and money.

Trademark Opposition

When any third party objects to your trademark, then your Trademark is shown as opposed.

A proper reply is required to be filed in order to safeguard the TM opposition.

Under this, one need to prove that the trademark applied is its original mark and the same has not been copied from anyone else.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Trademark Registration

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Money icon min

Brand name protection

Minus icon min

Creates unique brand

Menu icon min

Increases sales on brand establishment

Rupee icon min

Can serve as base for franchise rights

Disadvantages of Trademark Registration

Money icon min

One cannot trademark its idea

Minus icon min

Trademark registration takes 2 to 3 years

Menu icon min

It needs a constant check

Rupee icon min

Had to fight many legal battles

FAQs on Trademark Registration in India

Q. What is the validity of Trademark?

A registered trademark is valid for 10 years and need renewal after that. The trademark renewal fee is Rs.5000. Further, in case trademark renewal is filed after expiry but within 6 months after expiry, then fees may also carry late fee charges.

Q. How to do classification under trademark work?

Trademark classification works according to the product and services you are offering. If you are into clothing business, you need to register trademark under class 25, if you are into legal services, you need to register the trademark under class 45. This is how the trademark classes work.

Hence, if you need to register a trademark, you shall have to select the most appropriate class.

Q. What is the meaning of proprietor code in trademark? Is company is also known as proprietor under trademark?

Under Trademark regime, every person who owns the trademark is known as proprietor even the companies, firms etc. and hence it should not be confused as a sole proprietor. Yes, companies are also known as proprietor under trademark.

Q. What is the Procedure for e-filling the trademark application?

The procedure for e-filling of trademark application is as follows:

  • Choose the specific name to be trademarked.
  • Select the appropriate class as per your line of business.
  • Fill the form TM 1 and issue the Power of attorney.
  • File the form online via attorney.
  • Keep a regular update, as total registration time if 2 to 2.5 years.

Q. How to register a brand name and Logo in India? What is the cost for brand and logo registration?

Brand name registration and logo name registration is same as Trademark registration. Hence, if you want to register brand and the logo in India, you need to follow the trademark registration process in India.

The cost of brand and logo registration is same as Trademark registration which amounts to Rs.4000 per brand per class.

Q. How to search and check if a brand name is registered in India?

Searching and checking the brand name is an important task for brand registration in India. Brand registration is another name for trademark registration. Hence, if you want to check the brand name availability, then you shall have to check whether trademark is registered on not with the same name.

Q. What is the total trademark registration fees in India? Is the trademark fees is per class?

The total government charges for trademark registration is Rs.4200/- per class. Rs.4000 is the government fees, Rs.200 is the attorney charges. Further, in case you want to file trademark in different classes, the fees shall increase with every class.

Q. Explain the trademark class 35, class 9, class 45 and class 42?

There are 45 trademark classes under trademark law. There classes are divided on the basis of product or services you offer. We shall discuss some famous trademark classes here:

  • Trademark Class 35: The class 35 covers the Advertising; Business management; Business administration; Office functions under its ambit.


  • Trademark Class 9: The class 9 of the trademark covers Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking [supervision], life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers, recording discs; Compact discs, dvds and other digital recording media; Mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; Cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; Computer software; Fire-extinguishing apparatus under its ambit.


  • Trademark class 45: The class 45 of the trademark covers Legal services; Security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals;; Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.


  • Trademark class 42: Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; Industrial analysis and research services; Design and development of computer hardware and software.


Q. Are there any conditions for registration of trademark in India?

There are no conditions to register the trademark in India. However, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Trademark applied must be original, you should not copy and apply, it shall amount to infringement and you may be liable for legal damages.
  • You should keep a close watch at your industry to ascertain whether anyone else is using your logo or trademark to deceive your potential customers.

Q. How to apply for Trademark registration? Is the trademark registration process is completely online?

Trademark registration is very simple with You just need to fill two documents and share the scan copy after signature. The requirement for two documents is uniform for all forms of business whether, private limited company, LLP, partnership, proprietorship or Nidhi Company etc.

Yes, the trademark registration process is completely online and faster than the offline mode. Hence, if you are planning to file the trademark, file it online.

Q. What is the meaning of brand registration? How it is different from Trademark Registration?

Brand registration and trademark registration is one and the same thing. They are used interchangeably. Anything words which is used to name your business is brand. E.g. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook, used the word “facebook” to name their business. Similar, TATA, reliance, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft are all names of the business which are also a famous registered trademark.

Hence, it is recommended to register your brand as a trademark, as it helps you to establish a unique name in your market and will prove to be a asset in the longer run.

Q. What is the meaning of logo registration? What is mean by word mark?

Logo registration means when you are applying for the trademark on your logo. E.g. famous sign of Apple, Nike are all logos which are registered. Logo registration is mandatory in case you want to protect it from any unauthorised use in India.

Wordmark, on the other hand, is the protection of the brand name itself. E.g. Louis Phillipe, Park Avenue, Apple, etc. Hence, logo and wordmark are two different things.

Example of Logo Example of Wordmark


Apple, Nike (When only words are applied as trademark)

Q. How to get Trademark Registered in India?

The procedure to register trademark is very simple. We have outlined the simple points for you to understand the basic procedure for trademark registration in India:

  • Assign Word, logo which is to be trademark.
  • Choose the appropriate class as per your line of business.
  • Fill two basic documents received from our side.
  • Make the payment and its done.
  • We shall file the trademark on the same day.

The total trademark registration time takes around 2 years.

Q. What is the checklist for trademark registration in India?

No checklist is required for trademark registration. Trademark registration procedure has been made so simple by You just need to fill 2 documents and send the scan copy back to us and we shall file your trademark in India.

Q. How to register a brand name in India online?

Brand name registration is same as registering a trademark. The trademark filing takes only a day, however the whole registration process takes around 2 years to register. Once you have filed the trademark, you can useTM

Q. Which class to choose for trademark registration?

Trademark classes depend upon the line of your business, products you are selling. You may follow the below steps to choose your appropriate class:

  • Understand your product line.
  • Choose the appropriate class in consonance of your business activity.
  • Verify whether any other trademark class would be applicable or not
  • Finalize the classes and proceed to the registration.

Q. How many classes are here under Trademark registration?

There are forty five trademark classes in India which is in par with the world. Each and every class denotes some specific goods and services. For example, if you are into legal business, your appropriate class would be 45. Hence, analysis of trademark classes is an important part of trademark registration.

Q. Is Trademark Registration in Delhi is different from rest of India?

No, Trademark registration in Delhi is same as in the rest of India. Rather trademark is central act and hence is uniformly applied all over India. Further, trademarks are applied online now a days and is brand in making for the trademark registration.

Q. How to Search for Trademark free?

There are various private websites running which offers the services of trademark search on their website. However, you should not trust any website other than the official website of Trademark department. The link for trademark public search is here: TRADEMARK PUBLIC SEARCH.

Before trademark search on your own, keep in mind the following things:

  • Trademark search happens according to the class, hence choose the appropriate class.
  • Trademark search is done in three types and hence beware and do it properly.

Further, provides the extensive trademark search for free. You just need to submit the details and we will let you know whether your trademark is available or not.

Q. How to Check Trademark Status Online?

There are many number of sites which provides the trademark details. However, one should not trust any website other than the official website of the trademark department. To check the trademark status online, click on the link: Check TM Status and follow the following steps:

  • After clicking on the link, click on trademarks Indexes.
  • After that, type the trademark name and select the appropriate class.

Enter the Captha code and the trademark details will be on your computer

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