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All About Copyright Registration in India

What is a Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is a right given to the authors to provide them protection on their original work done in the field of literacy, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematography films and sound recording. It also makes you a sole owner of the bundle of rights like right of reproduction, right of translation etc.

How to file Copyrights Registration in India?

Registering of Copyright is a complex procedure and takes around 1 year to register. However, for your understanding, we are dividing the procedure into three simple steps:

#Filing of Application along with fees: The first step is to file the copyright registration application along with the fees to the copyright department. The application for copyright registration is filed under copyright act, 1957.

#Diary Number & wait for 30 days: After filing the application form, the diary number shall be generated and then one will have to wait for 30 days for any objections to raise. In case, no objection is raised, the case proceeds to next step.

#Scrutiny & Approval: In this step, examiner does the scrutiny and after that grants approval in case everything is fine & correct.

Why to register for Copyright Registration?

Copyright law protect the original work from the time it came into existence. However, one will have to prove that it is his original work. To prove that you are the sole owner of your work, you need a copyright registration.

Learn About Copyright Registration

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Documents Required for Copyright Registration India

Only Two Documents are Required

  • - 2 Copies of your Original work
  • - Power of Attorney (Download Format)

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Copyright Registration Process in India

It takes approx 3 working days to file for Copyright Registration in India.

Step 1


We prepare Copyright application based on your information.

Step 2

Submit with fees

Once application is ready in all respect, we shall file application with fees.

Step 3

Diary Number

We shall support you till diary number is generated, after 30 days.

Cost for Copyright Registration in India

For Copyright of any Literary / Dramatic / Musical work

Total Cost @ 3,199/- (All inclusive)

For Copyright of any Computer Programs / Applications / Website

Total Cost @ 3,899/- (All inclusive)

For Copyright of any Audio/ Sound Recordings

Total Cost @ 3,299/- (All inclusive)

For Copyright of any Videos / Cinematography films

Total Cost @ 7,999/- (All inclusive)

Requirements for Copyright Registration in India

There is no mandatory requirement for copyright registration in India except that your work should be original and should not be a copy paste, otherwise copyright registration shall not be registered. Also, please make sure the following points:

  • - The application drafting is an important part and any mistake should be avoided.
  • - You must gather all sources or proofs in case your application is objected.
  • - Regular check on the Copyright Status to avoid rejection of application.

Advantages of Copyright Registration in India

  • It helps you to protect your original work.
  • It protects you from various litigations of copyright.
  • It can help you earn royalties.
  • You can sue any infringer of your copyright.
  • Helps you to create an intellectual Property asset.
  • Helps you to establish your own content library that can be proven in the court.
  • 100% work Protection
  • Increases Business value
  • Earn Royalty

FAQs about Copyright Registration in India

Q. How Can I Copyright my computer software?

Yes. Computer Software or programme can be registered as a ‘literary work’. ‘Source Code’ has also to be supplied along with the application for registration of copyright for software products.​

Q. Can I Get Copyright of my Website?

Yes, a website can be copyrighted by filing the copyright for its code, or by filling its snapshots one can copyright the style of the website.

On the Other side, web-site contains several works such as literary works, artistic works (photographs etc.), sound recordings, video clips, cinematograph films and broadcastings and cloud softwares too. Therefore, a separate application has to be filed for registration of all these works.

Q. How can I decide to file a Trademark or a Copyright?

Trademark is taken to protect the name of your brand, or to protect the logo or any slogan whereas the copyright is taken to protect the content of your original work like content of book, any article, song, video, movie, script, or any artistic content.

Q. Is there any Copyright Search available?

Right now, No Search is available where one can find about the copyrighted content or whether the content is original or copied. But one can do a extensive search on Google or Bing, to see whether any related or exactly same content matches your content before going to file a copyright.

Q. Someone is Using my Original Content/Infringed my Copyright, what can I do?

In this case, you should first send them a communication to stop using your work without your permission, If after the communication they have not stopped to use, then you should send them a legal notice claiming that they have copied your original copyrighted content.

Q. Is copyright transferrable?

A copyright registration can be sold, transferred, gifted and franchised with due consent from the person who owns the work.

Q. What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright is an exclusive right given to a producer of the work.
The producer can be the author, writer, composer, artist by the law to reproduce the work for publishing and selling them to public.

When you get the copyright registration, you can able to use © on the original piece of work that you have created.

Q. How much time does it take to get a Copyright Registration?

With Hubco, it will take 3 to 5 working days to file the documents with copyright authorities, but it will take upto 1 year to get the registration done.

Q. What is the validity of Copyright Registration?

Copyright Registration is generally valid for a period of 60 years.If it is literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, then the period would be Lifetime of the author plus 60 years.

If it is Film, Movie, audio, sound recordings, photographs, works of government or international organisation then the period 60 years is started from the date of publication.

Q. Who can get a Copyright Registration?

The following persons can be applied for Copyright Registration in India:

  • The Person who originally develops the work.
  • The Copyright claimant who obtained the ownership of the right of the person who develops the work.
  • The Authorised agent who has given the Power o Attorney by the original or by the copyright claimant.

Q. What cannot be copyrighted?

You can copyright any creative content but there are some areas where one cannot get protection under copyright law, and these are:

  • Any Idea which has not been Executed
  • Domain Name,
  • Commonly used articles,
  • Common Language,
  • Generally used property/figures, titles, names phrases and slogans.

Q. What can be copyrighted?

One can get a copyright registration for its unique, distinctive and creative content.

This could be anything which can include-

  • Design,
  • Painting, Sketch, Drawing,
  • Audio, Song record,
  • A Picture, Video, Movie
  • Poem, Literature article
  • Book, Scripts, Instruction Manual
  • Computer Software
  • Website

Q. Does copyright valid in all over the world?

A copyright filed in India valid in India only. However, if you have filed a copyright in India, you can use this as evidence before any government to prove that you were using the copyrighted content first.

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