One Person Company Registration - Rs. 11,000

Q. What is a difference between sole Proprietorship and One Person Company (OPC)?

Paras Mehra February 9, 2017 1.03K Views

In a move to increase corporate business in India, the government introduced the concept of One Person Company (OPC) in the year 2013. Since then it is taken as a substitute for sole proprietorship entity in India. Further, there is no denying fact that OPC company is far more superior and better than the traditional sole Proprietorship business.

Sole Proprietorship

One Person Company

Personal Assets are not safe under proprietorship, its biggest disadvantage.

Its limits your liability and hence personal assets are safe.

There is no legal registration of proprietorship; it is registered based on the local license like VAT, Service Tax, etc.

It is one of the recognised and organised form of business.
Idle for the single
person to start the company in India.

It is not recognised and lacks trust factor

Since; it is registered form of business,
It offers more trust to the customers/suppliers.

There is no compliance cost under proprietorship in India.

The yearly compliance cost will be there as it needs to get audit, filings, etc.



One Person Company Registration Rs.11,000 (All Inc.)

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