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Q. What is a difference between Sole Proprietorship and Pvt Ltd Company?

Paras Mehra February 9, 2017 4.54K Views

Private Limited Company is the superior form of business than Sole proprietorship in India and offers various advantages over the sole proprietorship form of business in India. Let us see the basic difference:

Sole Proprietorship

Private Limited Company

A Single person can start proprietorship.

Two person are required to start, however in case of single person, he may choose to register one person Company (OPC).

There is no legal registration of proprietorship, it is registered based on local license like VAT, Service Tax etc.

It is a organized form of business and registered under Companies Act, 2013 having worldwide recognition.

New Customers and suppliers generally do not trust your brand easily.

Since, it is registered form of business, offers more trust to the customers/suppliers etc.

Personal assets are not safe.

Personal assets are safe, except in case of fraud.


Register Private Limited Company in Rs.9,000/- (All Inc.)

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