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All About Service Tax Registration (ST 1/ST 2) in India

What is a Service Tax Registration (ST-1/ST-2)?

Service Tax Registration (ST-2) is an government registration which is done under CBEC on It is mandatory for every person providing services in India beyond Rs.10 Lakh. The rate of service tax is 15% including SBC and KKC. Further, in case you are importer of services then also you need a service tax registration which falls under reverse charge category.

How to register for Service Tax (ST) Online?

Service tax registration is a semi online process and should be filed with due care to avoid any repercussions later on. The process of filing service tax registration is being categorized into three steps:

#File Online ST 1: The First step in service tax registration application (ST 1) is to create log in under aces portal. After logging into your account, you must file correct particulars in the ST - 1 form. After filing the ST-1, select the jurisdiction properly and finally submits the ST 1 online application.

#Wait for ST - 2 Registration issuance: After submitting the ST 1 form, the next step is to wait for registration issuance. This is because it confirms your selected jurisdiction otherwise your application will be sent back.

#Send Docs via Courier: Once registration is obtained, you need to send the list of documents required according to the business entity.

What is service tax Registration Limit?

As per the exemption circular, every person shall be required to register under service tax if your value of services crosses Rs.10 Lakh. However, no exemption limit shall apply to your case if you fall under reverse charge category.

Learn about Service Tax in India

Learn everything about Service Tax (ST 1) (ST-2) Registration, advantages in India through our learning center.

Documents Required for Service Tax Registration (ST-2)

(We need all documents in scan form. No hard copies are needed).

Only Four Documents are Required

  • - PAN Card of the entity.
  • - PAN & ID Proof of Directors/Partners.
  • - COI, Partnership Deed, MOA/AOA.
  • - Copy of Canceled Cheque/Bank Statement.

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Service Tax Number Registration Process

It takes approx 5 - 7 working days to register for Service Tax Number Registration Process.

Day 1

Fill online ST-1

One we receive docs we shall apply and file for ST-1 application.

Day 2-3

Wait for Govt

After filings, we need to wait for ST-1 approval to get ST-2 in India.

Day 4-5

Follow Up

Send documents via courier to the respective rang and follow up.

Total Cost for Service Tax (ST-2) Registration

Total Cost Breakup

Items Price
Government Fee Nil
Professional Fee (Inclusive of Taxes) 1,299
Total Service Tax Registration Cost in India 1,299

Requirements for Service Tax Registration (ST-2)

There is no formal requirement for Service Tax registration apart from the documents mentioned above. If you are a service provider like bloggers, content writers etc, then you need to take the service tax registration subject to exemption limit. Further, in the following cases, the registration of service tax/GST is mandatory:

  • - If you are a exporter of services, providing service outside India.
  • - If you are a importer of services, taking services from outside India.

Features of Service Tax Registration

  • No Service Tax Registration Verification.
  • Need to Pay @ 15% on your receipts.
  • Two Half yearly Returns
  • Helps you to open Bank Account in case of Proprietorship.
  • Service tax registration adds value to your business internationally.
  • 2 Half Yearly Returns
  • 15% Service Tax rate
  • 7 Days registration process

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