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Q. Whether civil contractor doing projects in various states requires separate registration for all states or a single registration at state of head office will suffice?

Paras Mehra June 26, 2017 689 Views


This is perhaps the most asked question by the civil contractors or work contractors because GST is not very clear on whether GST registration shall be required or not. Further, even the reply by the government is also not satisfactory. As per the government reply, A supplier of service will have to register at the location from where he is supplying services. This is perhaps the worst answer, we can expect from the government.

However, if you can read and analyse what government said, then we could line up the following points:

  1. The most important thing is to check location from where he is supplying services.

  2. Supplying word involves two ends, the beginning and the end. 

  3.  If a builder registered in Delhi went to
noida to perform a construction activity, in that case, the supply may be treated as IGST, this is because the person is not supplying from Noida as he do not have any fixed place of business there.


However, there maybe another view which states that registration should be taken in each state because the person is supplying services from that place i.e. Noida. 



The provision relating to civil projects is very confusing and hence we can expect a clarification from the government soon. In case of any doubt, please write to us at


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