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Six major decisions of the budget 2019

6 Major decisions of the Budget 2019

By Agam Gupta July 7, 2019

Budget 2019 key decisions - pension to 3 crore retailers shopkeepers, ITR with Aadhar Card, Electric Vehicles Deduction, Angel Tax Saving, Startup Exemptions, Housing More affordable

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Tax proposals of budget 2019

10 Important Tax Proposals of Budget 2019

By Agam Gupta July 7, 2019

Tax Decisions of Budget 2019 Includes reduced tax rate for corporates to 25%, more tax on rich person, electric vehicle reduced pricing, e-assessment, tds 2%

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Budget 2019 Key Highlights

Budget 2019 - Key Highlights of Budget 2019

By Kanika Sharma February 2, 2019

Highlights Union budget 2019, changes in GST, income tax rebate 87A, pensions, agriculture and other related takeaways.

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Budget 2017-18

Union Budget Highlights - (2017- 2018) – 10 Critical Points

By Agam Gupta February 1, 2017

On 1st February, 2017, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017-18 in Lok Sabha. This is the 4th Budget of the NDA or NAMO Government.

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