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Ben1 Ben2 significant beneficial owners sbo rules 2019

All about Significant Beneficial Owners (SBO) rules, 2019 – BEN 1, BEN 2

By Agam Gupta July 10, 2019

Once all the individuals have reported in BEN 1 form, the company shall file a return in FORM BEN – 2 with the registrar within thirty days from the receipt of such declaration from the individuals.

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Company Closure strike off rules

Company closure may cost you in lakh – MCA amended the Company strike off rules

By Agam Gupta June 21, 2019

As per New MCA closure rules, the government fees of closure will be Rs. 10000 and all due filings of company shall be required to be filed before closure.

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inc 20a commencement of business

Form INC 20A - Declaration for Commencement of Business

By Aman Jain February 9, 2019

MCA amends incorporation rules and introduces Form no. INC-20A for declaration for commencement of business by a Director for every Company Incorporated in India on or after 02nd November, 2018.

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