Articles on Goods And Services Tax

Movement of Goods in GST

How movement of Goods shall take place in India!

By Paras Mehra April 18, 2017

The electronic way bill rules has been released by the government and you should understand these rules to continue free flow of movement of goods once GST is in place from 1st July, 2017.

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Advance ruling AAR GST

Concept of Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR) under GST

By Paras Mehra April 17, 2017

Authority for Advance Ruling shall be located in each state and shall comprise of one member of CGST and one member of SGST which is to be appointed by the Central Government and the state government.

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Gst Return filing

How to file the GST Monthly Return in India – A GST Return Filing Guide

By Paras Mehra March 15, 2017

Every registered taxable person [other than an input service distributor, a nonresident taxable person, person covered under composition scheme, TDS or TCS] shall furnish, electronically, in FORM GSTR – 1.

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Due Date for GST Returns

Due Dates of all GST Returns to be filed – Monthly and Annually

By Paras Mehra March 15, 2017

As per the GST law, there are various returns to be filed. So we have analyzed the basic provision about the GST return and prepared a very useful summary for you. Let us have a look on the due dates and by whom the GST returns are to be filed.

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GST Valuation Rules

Everything about Valuation rules of Goods and Services (GST) under GST Law!

By Paras Mehra February 23, 2017

Under GST regime, valuation is based on the transaction as in the previous laws. However, in case transaction value is not accepted then we have to refer the rules for the correct valuation.

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GST Return Filings

Everything about the GST Return filings in India – Both Monthly returns and Annual Return

By Paras Mehra February 17, 2017

Every law has a procedural part and returns are considered above of all. An unambiguous and clear procedure helps the government to implement the act smoothly. Further, an efficient system of compliance helps government of establish ease in doing business

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What is GST

What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India?

By Paras Mehra February 17, 2017

Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been introduced with an only motive to accelerate the economic growth. It is expected that GDP growth will increase by 2% after introduction of GST.

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Liable for GST registration

Who all are liable to pay GST in India? Or who all are liable to be registered under GST in India?

By Paras Mehra February 17, 2017

The charging section itself states that the tax will shall only be paid by the taxable person, hence, if any person is not covered under this section, then he shall not be liable to pay tax. Therefore, it is very imperative to understand and apply this co

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Constitutional Amendment Under GST

Everything about the Constitutional Amendment under GST regime – A Complete Guide

By Paras Mehra January 19, 2017

We all had witnessed the political drama over every piece of GST constitutional amendment bill over the years. Government was very keen to get it passed in both the houses, while the opposition is taking the guard to prevent it from getting the nod.

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