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Will the GST return filing to be made quarterly instead of monthly?

By Paras Mehra October 5, 2017

As said, many taxpayers’ especially small taxpayers are facing difficulty in complying with the GST each month and hence, deferring the GST return on quarterly basis will really serve the purpose

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Caution: these four errors in GST return could be too costly to ignore!

By Paras Mehra October 3, 2017

From a large corporate house to a small business, everybody is busy in decoding the law of GST so that they can remain compliant and they don’t have to pay the interest or penalties unnecessarily.

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GST return – All you need to know about the GST returns in India

By Garima Sahi September 20, 2017

GST return is simply a document with the details of sale and purchases done by a registered person in a month. In this details of tax collected and paid is important to mention as it has to be calculated by the tax authorities to calculate the liabilitie

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Know the revised due date for GSTR 1 and 2 for July Month

Revised due date for GSTR 2, GSTR 3 has been extended for July Month till 10th November, 2017: GST Council

By Paras Mehra September 9, 2017

The GST council has decided to extend the due date for filing the GSTR 2 and 3 for the month of July 2017. The latest due date for filing the GSTR 2 and 3 are as follows:

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GST Return (GSTR -1) for  July month to be filed  by 5th September

GST Return (GSTR -1) for July 2017 month to be filed by 5th September – Due date for GSTR 1 for July Month

By Paras Mehra August 31, 2017

The taxpayers under GST has not even completed the GSTR 3B, but the due date for filing the GSTR 1 for the month of July is already reaching and now just 5 days are left for filing the GSTR 1. Let us understand what GSTR 1 is and why it is important?

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