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Is Microfinance Company  registration banned  in India?

Is Microfinance Company registration banned in India?

By Aruna Bhayana January 4, 2018

As per se, microfinance company registration is not banned in India and officially, there is no term or news like banning the micro finance business.

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Nidhi company give personal loan

Can Nidhi Company do Micro Finance (MFI) business or Give Personal Loans in India?

By Paras Mehra April 17, 2017

Nidhi Companies are not allowed to do a Micro Finance business in India. Micro Finance credit is a type of business which has been specifically assigned to Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) with a minimum net owned fund of Rs.5 crore.

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micro finance registration

All About MicroFinance Company Registration– The cheapest way to start the Micro Finance Company in India

By Paras Mehra March 22, 2017

Small businesses and house woman don’t get the loan from the banks due to lack of proper facilities and documentation. To help them in the funding, various people often fund these business and house women in small amount, usually less than Rs.50,000. This

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register micro finance company

How to Register a Micro Finance Company in India – A MFI – NBFC in India

By Paras Mehra March 15, 2017

Micro Finance Company is a type of Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which is in business of micro (small) credit to a special type of borrowers. It is also known as Micro Finance Institution (MFI).

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