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MEIS SEIS Scrips to record on DGFT Website

Transfer of MEIS/SEIS Scrips - Mandatory to record on DGFT website

By Kanika Sharma January 16, 2019

DGFT issued a circular on 11th January, 2019 which shed light on mandatory recording of information on DGFT website ( about transfer of MEIS/SEIS Scrips issued on or after 14th January, 2019

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RCMC (Registration cum membership certificate)

Who needs the RCMC certificate in India?

By Paras Mehra November 7, 2016

RCMC stands for registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC). RCMC is issued by the Export promotional Councils of India. RCMC is issued for 5 years with an annual subscription however depends upon council to council.

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Import Export Procedure

Procedure to Start Export Business from India

By Agam Gupta September 22, 2016

This Inforgraphic includes what are major steps involved in launching the export from India, what is the export procedure to be followed to carry out a export from India.

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commodities board

List of Commodities board in India – Export Promotional Councils (EPC)

By Paras Mehra September 1, 2016

This article list down the commodities board in India. Further, if you want to see the list of commodities board, then please read the article.

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list of export promotion council

List of Export Promotional Councils in India

By Paras Mehra September 1, 2016

This article list down all the export promotional councils in India. Further, if you want to see the list of export promotional councils, then please read the article.

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what is export promotional council (epc)

What is Export Promotional Councils (EPC) in India? What are their roles in Exports?

By Paras Mehra September 1, 2016

Export promotional Councils (EPC) are authorities which are basically promoting, supporting and assisting firms in entering the International markets and realizing their optimum potential from given resources. They also provide guidance and assistance.

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what is rcmc

What is Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)? And How to apply for RCMC certificate?

By Paras Mehra August 31, 2016

RCMC (Registration Cum Membership Certificate) is a membership certificate issued for 5 years by Export Promotional Councils or commodity board of India. This certificate is issued as a proof that any particular exporter is registered with the council.

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Import Export Process

Comics: Dexter and the Export Business

By Paras Mehra August 30, 2016

Dexter is taking a break from his Laboratory and starting own his export business from India.

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meis scheme for exporters

List of Notified Goods under Merchandise Exports from India Scheme

By Paras Mehra August 25, 2016

Government of India provides various benefits for exporting the goods in India. One of the benefit is the MEIS i.e. Merchandise Exports from India Scheme. This article explains about that only.

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