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Ineligible ITC under GST

Ineligible Input Tax Credit (ITC) Under GST

By Kanika Sharma November 30, 2018

There are some goods and services on which ITC cannot be availed and is blocked or ineligible under gst.

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11 Goods & Services on which ITC is not available under GST

11 goods and services on which ITC under GST is not available to the taxpayer – Nonavailability of ITC in certain cases

By Garima Sahi September 13, 2017

Input tax credit is not a new concept for registered Taxpayers. ITC is available to everyone who is registered under GST. For your purchases, you can claim ITC for the tax paid by you.

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Don’t buy Goods from unregistered dealer under GST

Impact of GST if goods or services purchased from unregistered dealer – Reverse charge on unregistered dealer explained

By Paras Mehra June 29, 2017

Have you ever imagine that if you went to buy goods from any dealer and government catches you and impose penalty and fines for not filing the tax? Looks weird but it is true under GST.

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My Application status is Approved - What to do now?

My GST Application status is approved – How to get GST registration certificate from

By Paras Mehra June 28, 2017

My GST Application status is approved – How to get GST registration certificate from What is the next step?

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How to Claim Input tax Credit (ITC) under GST - ITC Rules

How to Claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST – Conditions and restrictions on claiming ITC as per GST rules

By Paras Mehra June 22, 2017

Input tax credit (ITC) is said to be the soul of GST. GST is based on one of the main problems of the current taxation system, i.e. cascading effect. Hence, it is imminent that this article is very important under GST regime.

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8 Practical issues under GST

8 Practical Issues under GST

By Agam Gupta June 6, 2017

Based upon the queries, we have tried to compile some important practical issues to help you understand the GST far better. Also, various people across India have this doubt, whether they are covered under GST or not.

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