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GST Registration – Enrollment Procedure for Service Tax Assesses/ Taxpayers from 1st January 2017

By Paras Mehra December 24, 2016

From 9th January 2017, the GST enrollment for service tax assessee shall start and which needs to be completed within a month till 31st January 2017.

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GST Registration Opens

GST Registration Opens: Procedure to enroll for GST registration by Existing VAT/CST/Service Tax Registered Dealers

By Paras Mehra November 17, 2016

The existing taxpayers will have to get themselves enrol / register / migrate under Goods and Services Tax (GST) System in the month of November itself.

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Registration Opens: How to enroll under GST System Portal after getting Provisional ID and password?

By Paras Mehra November 8, 2016

If you are an existing taxpayer registered under Excise, Service Tax and State Tax Laws such as VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax, then you will need to enroll for GST online.

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GST migration in GOA

GOA - Procedure for enrollment of existing VAT Dealers of GOA on the GST System Portal

By Agam Gupta November 7, 2016

This article explains the Procedure for enrollment of existing VAT Dealers of GOA on the GST System Portal.

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How to register under GST Online! – Step by Step procedure for GST registration in India

By Paras Mehra October 8, 2016

It is very important to understand the registration procedure under GST because even the existing dealer will also have to apply for the GST registration online.

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Who can sign the application digitally for new GST registration in India?

By Paras Mehra October 1, 2016

To apply for any new GST registration, the application is submitted online and digitally signed by the concerned person.

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Everything about GST registration in India – Practical Points in detail

By Paras Mehra October 1, 2016

This article explains the practical aspects of GST registration in India. This article describes the other fine points on GST registration.

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Who all are liable to register under GST?

By Paras Mehra September 29, 2016

GST is now a reality, and it is knocking the doors. This article answers the most important question which is in every bodies mind that who all are liable to register under GST?

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By Paras Mehra September 24, 2016

There are no standard fees for a copyright protection. Hence, one has to pay according to the work protected. There are many types of works which may end up confusing you.

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