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How to supply to SEZ units under GST

By Garima Sahi September 22, 2017

According to GST law, the supply of goods to SEZ units is treated as zero-rated supply. We have divided the supply to SEZ into two sections so that first let’s discuss the concept of zero-rated supply and then read about the procedure.

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How to avoid/ skip GST registration in India

By Garima Sahi September 21, 2017

If you are someone who is looking to avoid GST registration within the parameters of law then this article is for you. Among all the buzz and news on registration under GST, we will be telling you how not to register under GST.

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Due date for GSTR 3B for August to be extended to 25th September?

GSTR-3B returns for the August month to be extended to 25th September?

By Garima Sahi September 20, 2017

All the taxpayers in India are facing the technical issues while filing the GSTR 3B for the month of August 2017 and are hoping that the GSTR 3B should be extended. However, till now no news has been confirmed by the government yet.

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How to verify the GST Number online?

How to verify GST number online

By Shweta Upadhyay September 19, 2017

The procedure of verification of GST number is very simple and online. Any person can follow the listed procedure and can verify any GST number online. It just a matter of new minutes to verify the GST number.

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How to apply for GST number online in  India?

How to apply for GST number

By Garima Sahi September 18, 2017

We get a lot of emails and calls of people asking us about GST number. It is advised to apply for the GST number from a professional so that you don’t end up getting it wrong. We get a lot of emails and calls of people asking us about GST number. It is ad

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GST Registration for bloggers in India - Important points

GST registration for bloggers

By Garima Sahi September 15, 2017

Blogging is an occupation of writing content. It is a profession opted by those who have passion for writing and expressing themselves. A bloggers is a person who writes article for the traffic of his own blog or of another.

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GST Registration for Freelancers - 9 Points guide to GST

GST registration for freelancers: 9 Points guide to GST compliance for freelancers under GST

By Garima Sahi September 13, 2017

a lot of freelancers contact us on daily basis regarding the taxability under GST. Freelancers are the people which don’t care about the taxes initially however, since government is getting strict day by day, they don’t want to take any chance.

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What are consolidated  E-way bill under  GST?

What are consolidated bills and how to update vehicle number in a consolidated e-way bill under GST?

By Garima Sahi September 13, 2017

We all know that e-way bill is generated for the supply of goods from one place to another. It is the bill mandatory for every transporter to carry along with the goods. E-way bill is the document required for the movement of goods above Rs.50,000/-.

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11 Goods & Services on which ITC is not available under GST

11 goods and services on which ITC under GST is not available to the taxpayer – Nonavailability of ITC in certain cases

By Garima Sahi September 13, 2017

Input tax credit is not a new concept for registered Taxpayers. ITC is available to everyone who is registered under GST. For your purchases, you can claim ITC for the tax paid by you.

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